Monday, November 25, 2013

Options for creating a Hyperlink column in Crystal Reports

I this article i will talk about options for creating a Hyperlink column in Crystal reports.

Following are the list of available Options for creating Hyperlink in Crystal Reports

1.No Hyperlink
2.A Website on the Internet
3.Current Website Field Value
4.An E-mail Address
5.A File
6.Current E-mail Field Value

Lets explore each option in detail:-

1. No Hyperlink
   This is the default option. There is no hyperlink associated 
   with the selected report object.

2. Website on the Internet
   Using this option a report object can be linked to a static
   web address. Using the formula button URL based on a 
   field value can be created.

   This option can be used to connect to Business Objects, Web 
   Intelligence, and OLAP Intelligence documents.

3. Current Website Field Value
   This option can be used to create a hyperlink out of 
   the selected field . The field must be stored as a proper 
   hyperlink in the data source.

4. An E-mail Address
   This option can be used to create a “mailto” address from the 
   selected field. Using the formula button an address based on 
   a field value can be created.

5. A File
   Using this option a hyperlink to a file on a specific 
   computer or networked computer can be created. Using the 
   formula button a file path based on a field value can be 

6. Current E-mail Field Value
   Using this option an email hyperlink out of the field you 
   selected can be created. The field must be stored as a proper 
   email address in the report data source.

Hope this helps.

Happy Coding......

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